World Ventures Scam? Are The Products Legit?!

Published: 30th March 2010
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Are World Ventures Products Worth Promoting?!

Are the products that World Ventures are offering of some real value and quality? Well let me be the first to tell you YES! A little later we will discuss the two main products which are The Dreamtrips Membership and the LTC Package Membership, I will discuss prices, and everything for you a little later on. World Ventures also have a really product that they offer called Luxury Dreamtrips which is like a Dreamtrips Membership on steroids! For the most part World Ventures basically made it affordable for anyone no matter if you're high, middle, or low class to afford to go on a vacation and that just means that if you do decide to become a rep for World Ventures and market your products, you won't have to limit yourself to a particular market of people becasue these products are affordable by all. I like to call that a "Steal Deal!!!"

DreamTrips Membership

Honestly I can see why The Dreamtrips Membership is one of World Ventures most pride possesions, it offers so much for so little and no other company can compare with it not even the big name travel companies! This package has a lot to offer and it is similar to being a part of Sam's Club in a way but with travel. You see World Ventures buys vacations, dreamtrips, cruises, and travel in bulk so that they can offer it to us for discounted prices,and I mean DISCOUNTED! Normally for a week long one star vacation you will be charged an arm and a leg but with World Ventures Dreamtrips Membership you will be getting a week long five star vacation at a price that blows the one star vacation out of the water! At the end of this article there is a link to a quick video of some of the things that you can expect from this Dreamtrip Membership. Do Not jump the gun and go and make a mistake you'll regret in the future after viewing the video because 97% of you will fail in this opportunity! In any opportunity as a matter of fact! The #1 reason why 97% of the marketers in this industry fail is because they don't know HOW TO MARKET!!! Just keep reading and I'll explain to you exactly what I'm talking about in the rest of this article.

LTC Membership

Leisure Travel Consultant (LTC) . What this basically does is gives you a chance to make commissions off anyone who you refer to book discounted travel. So let's say that you become an LTC Membership and you know someone who wants to rent a car for the weekend or book a plane ticket online or go on a cruise, etc' all you have to do is refer them to book their travel or vacation through Rovia there travel site and you will earn commissions from that if you were to become a member. Yeah Yeah Yeah all of this sounds good but you're asking what's the catch right? Well there is no catch because it is just that easy!

Will I Make Money With These Products And Are They Worth Promoting?!

Naturally in order to sell WorldVentures products you must first sign up for the Representive Business System( RBS) this will give you the legal rights to sell and earn commissions from every World Ventures product you sell. To give you my honest opinion about this and to answer your question about whether or not I think World Ventures is worth promoting and whether or not you will make any money with this company' I know that you will be able to make a ton of money in this particular market because everyone at some point or another will have to utilize this market... TRAVEL and VACATIONS!!!!! Now you tell me how much can you make selling something that everyone uses?! You can market this to your family and friends and they can do the same and so on and so forward and you might make a few hundreds buscks( NO GUARENTEES) but the real income comes when start marketing an opportunity this great to people who are searching for this everyday! When you can get this in front of qualified prospects then you will start to recruit like crazy!

You see the home based business industry provides a REAL way for an average person to create massive wealth. I know that it sounds soooo simple coming from the leaders of World Ventures when you listen to them on those leadership calls huh? Those old out-dated sales tactics did not help me reach my success in this industry, to be honest with you I didn't see any profit in this industry by following those traditional tactics.

What they teach you on those conference calls to build a world ventures business, is to contact friends and family, approach your warm network, all sorts of things like that. Very uncomfortable and ineffective! Learning how to market yourself is a necessitty in this industry whether or not you join World Ventures or any other network marketing company learning how to market yourself is the very first thing you need to learn. When you know the steps to take each day to generate leads, and have people moving through a marketing funnel' You're RICH for LIFE! KNOWLEDGE! This is what 97% of the home based business industry DO NOT possess, this makes you a Leader automatically in prospects eyes because you possess the knowledge of knowing what to do!

The exact same way you ran across this article is what tons and tons of quality prospects run across every single day, so you ask yourself how is all of this possible right? And the answer is simple...The Internet! It's all about knowing how to get your message in front of them. You have to know how to do this in order to build that never ending downline in World Ventures or any other company for that matter!

To sum everything up for you' World Ventures is a great company to be with, they have some incredible products, and you can make some serious money with them, but you just have to remember the key thing to this industry no matter what company you're with is that the keys to success don't lie in your company or products. They lie in your ABILITY to promote that company or product! HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! And the top earners who understand that are the ones who are making the most money in this industry! If you want that knowledge too and that training to brand yourself as a top earner in World Ventures then you can visit World Ventures Training link in my signature box and learn what the top earners are doing to make that incredible income!

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